Leaving for Nationals!

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Leaving for Tulsa and the AKC National Agility Championships

Okay, packed up and heading out on my three-day trip to Tulsa OK and the AKC Nationals. The trip already has had its share of drama and I haven’t even left yet. First off the hatch on the 2010 Mazda Tribute decided it wasn’t going to open… WTF just before I am to leave, and with most everything already packed!

The next question was… do I rent a car (lots of money) Do I take the care to Mazda and hope they can get it working before I leave… Or

With Kim’s help and the use of an iPad we were able to determine how to open the hatch manually… it involved taking off the inside panel attached to the hatch and then manually reaching down and physically pulling the lever to open the hatch.

So I am driving to Tulsa with a faulty rear hatch latch that I may or may not have to manually release, oh and without the rear inside panel cover, just in case I have to manually open it. Wow it seems so tacky!

Oh and I did get some really good news, Ripper has been cleared to compete! So it is Ripper, Thief and I on our way to Tulsa.

First stop Flagstaff!

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