Saturday March 19 Run Update

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Our Saturday Run Update

The courses for rounds one and two had subtle challenges, hidden into what proved to be very fast courses.

When the dust had settled Ripper was sitting and 54th place with two clean rounds. For the finals they will be taking 28 dogs from the 20″ class. Ripper still has a chance, but it is very slim.

Thief on the other hand has a new nickname Sybil, or maybe Jekyll and Hyde, because I am not sure what dog I am getting in the ring. 🙂

In round one she just did not seem to want to run, so we left early. In round two she started off very slow, then saw the dog walk and was a speed demon until she came out of the chute and stopped dead in her tracks. I got her going again and when she hit the weave poles she screamed through them and finish the course perfectly. Unfortunately because of round one she’s pretty much out of the running… But still the sweetest dog ever.

Round three tomorrow… Pedal to the metal and see if we can’t move up!

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