Warm-ups & Premier Standard Sweepstakes!

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Time to FLY – Getting our Warm-up On

Today we ran a warm up Standard round and Premier Standard Sweepstakes. The winner of Sweepstakes gets to take home some money, $250 for each height class.

I was a bit off today and because of it Thief and I were just not in tune on our first run… it is a warm up run and usually used for training… lets just say I didn’t get much training in as she was all over the place and so was I. However our Premier Standard run was clean and smooth!

Ripper’s first run went much smoother than did Thief’s and we got some good training in, which went right out the window on Premier Standard were he self released off the Aframe and took an off course jump! But in spite of that it was a really nice run!

After agility was over it was off for a quick bite to eat and back to the hotel for the dogs massage from Linda Lyman of Pawsagge! They love seeing her!

It all starts again tomorrow, this time for all the marbles. Wish us luck!

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