• He was one of the first people who made me look at the times of each obstacle, just a little more analytical about the little pieces of agility than uh, people I’d worked with prior…Mia – Competitor and Coach
  • He’s got personality, he’s got drive, a lot of enthusiasm for the sport and he’s wonderful with the dogs….Curt - Competitor and Student
  • He’s fun. He cares. And he coaches in a way that doesn’t demean or make you feel any less of a successful person.Cathy – Competitor and Student
  • He made her run with a turkey leg! Can you believe it? I ran so much faster!!!Roxy The Poodle
  • He is a magnificent trainer… he is very sensitive to the dog’s body language and their body needs.Nina - Competitor and Student

Who are we

Flying Dog Agility is a private dog training facility in Southern California. Located on a half acre in the San Fernando Valley. FDA offers private, semi-private and group lessons to dog agility enthusiasts at all levels. Owner Terry Simons is a 20-year plus veteran of the sport and presents seminars on competitive agility at various locations throughout the United States & Canada. 
Private and semi private lessons are held at the Northridge location, while group classes are held at The Field at 7722 White Oak Ave in Northridge on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The Field @ 7722 White Oak Ave

Terry Simons

Terry Simons

If you love the sport of dog agility, then you have no doubt heard of Terry Simons. Terry is a celebrated competitor, dog trainer, author, animal activist and the host of FOX Sports 1 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. He is also the founder of CLEAR – Canine Lymphoma Education Awareness and Research, a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to educating dog owners about canine cancer.

His dogs have all reached the highest levels of agility competition including making the national podium in both the United States and Canada.

Terry and Ripper are the 2017 AKC Preferred National Agility Champions at 16”

Flying Dog Success

National, International and Invitational Podium Placements
National & Invitational Finals Appearances
Regional Championship wins in the US and Canada
All of Terry’s dogs are cross-trained in other dog sports including titles in Herding, Hunt, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving and Conformation, proving they can do it all.

Student Success

National, Invitational and International Wins
World Team Placements
World Team Medals Gold, Silver and Bronze
Mutlitple regional competition wins in US and Canada with countless agility championship titles!

Our Pedigree

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